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The DCL internet site has been created to provide free information online in English on the principles and provisions of Dutch Civil Law, the Dutch legal order and the rules of private international law of the Netherlands. Translations on this Internet site are made by DCL, unless referred to otherwise. DCL’s translations are not, however, official translations.

On our website you can find a translation into English of the Dutch Civil Code as well as of the most important parts of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Netherlands. A recent translation of the Constitution of the Netherlands, the Bankruptcy Act, the Judiciary Organisation Act, the Competition Act and the Works Council Act is obtainable too. We have insterted some links to translations of Acts on intellectual property available on other websites, such as the Benelux Trademark Act, the Copyright Act, the Patent Act and the Data Base Act.

Since the Netherlands is a Member State of the European Union and party to numerous Conventions, its private international law is mainly governed by such Regulations and Conventions. The most important ones for matters of international jurisdiction and enforcement and conflict of laws are therefore made available too. For texts of and comments to various European Regulations we refer to the website of European Civil Law (ECL).

Please, click on the banner 'Legislation' in the top menu to consult the translated Acts, Regulations and Conventions. Where the icon, visible on the left, is placed at the top of a page, you are able to discover, by clicking on that icon, when the Act in question entered into force and when the text thereof, as presented on our website, has been updated recently by DCL.

The information on this Internet site may be used freely, but with due observance of all intellectual property and other rights of DCL and third parties. Reproduction or publication of all or part of the content of this website for other than personal use is prohibited. By accessing this website or by using its information the reader/user automatically accepts all DCL's terms and conditions for use. DCL is not liable in any way for any damage resulting from the use of information on or made available through this website. Disputes in respect thereof are subject to the law of the Netherlands and will be decided only by the competent court in the Netherlands to the exclusion of any other court or way of settling legal or other disputes.