Dutch Civil Code

Book 1 Law of Persons and Family Law

Title 1.1 General provisions

Article 1:1 Personal freedom and legal capacity

- 1. All persons within the territory of the Netherlands shall be free and entitled to enjoy civil rights
- 2. No servitude of persons, of whatever nature or however described, is tolerated.

Article 1:2 Legal capacity of an unborn child

A child of which a woman is pregnant, is regarded to have been born already as often as its interests require so. If it is born lifeless, it is deemed to have never existed.

Article 1:3 Degree of consanguinity and affinity
- 1.
The degree of consanguinity is determined by the number of births which have caused consanguinity. A recognition, a judicial determination of paternity or an adoption is to this end taken into account as a birth.
- 2. By marriage or by a registered partnership affinity arises between a spouse or registered partner and a blood relative of the other spouse or other registered partner in the same degree as consanguinity exists between the other spouse or the other registered partner and the latter’s blood relative.
- 3. Affinity is not extinguished by the dissolution of the marriage.

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